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A number of us who attended the 2008 New Media Expo came up with ideas about how to improve the experience for all of us in the future. This page is a gathering place for those comments and ideas.



Some of what I suggest here assumes that we are talking about a social gathering with no formal agenda. In other words, we are not, in this instance, planning a conference, but a social gathering.

Geek Time: Set aside a few hors for those who want to geek out about podcasting gear, or anything else, to gather with laptops and gadgets. If there's interest, participants could lead min-discussions on topic about which they are knowledgeable.

Games or Sports: I'm far from an athlete, but some time on the lake, in a pool, or tossing Frisbees around is a great way to break up the time, especially if other activities include eating and drinking.


Some criteria for a good location.

->Easy and cost-effective access by air

->A central hotel that is reasonably priced and has facilities for our group (even a good-sized suite that we could pool our funds to rent would be sufficient)

->Walkable environment with restaurants, shopping, etc.